Do I have access to previous topics PDFs for Sewing With Cinnamon?

As a Sewing With Cinnamon member, you do have unlimited access to the topics that were presented during your subscription. 

Once a topic has concluded, the content for that topic will be available on the members blog pages for 2 months, then will be removed and consolidated to PDF form. It will then be temporarily available for free as a download found in the "SWC Bonuses" section. You can find that in the "Sewing With Cinnamon"  drop-down menu on our website. 

If you need any of the PDFs sent to you at any time, please contact customer support at

Topics that were presented prior to your subscription period can be purchased separately for 50% off by members. You can find them in the Online Classes section on Pixie Faire and can apply the discount code SWCMEMBERS to the order to apply the 50% discount.

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