I just signed up for Sewing With Cinnamon. How do I access the group?

Please be sure that you have logged in to your Pixie Faire account before accessing the members pages, or you will not be able to view the content. Once you have logged in to your account, you will hover your mouse over the "Sewing With Cinnamon" menu option in the upper right hand corner of our website, then will click on the "SWC Members Access" button on the drop down menu. Please follow the instructions there to send your request to join the Facebook group and read the whole page for other important group information. 

To access the blog posts you will click on the drop down menu under the "Sewing With Cinnamon" menu option "SWC-Blog-Members Only." You will see all of the available posts for the current topic posted there. 

If you are having any trouble accessing the group, please contact customer support at support@pixiefaire.com.

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