How can I publish patterns at Pixie Faire?

We'd love to have you consider joining us on Pixie Faire as one of our pattern designers! You can do so by signing a publishing agreement with Liberty Jane Clothing®. Our publishing system is the best way to sell doll clothes patterns online. Here are just some of the benefits of publishing with us.

Department Store Selection and Pricing: Pixie Faire is not an "open marketplace". It is more like a department store that is being actively managed at both the product and pricing levels. That means we strive to publish patterns that offer something unique and original so customers get good choices, but not an overwhelming stream of the same thing. It also means we have pricing guidelines that ensure fair pricing for both customer and designers. These features are designed to ensure the designer and the customer have a high-quality experience.

A Doll Designer-Centric System: Pixie Faire is a site created for, and by, doll clothes designers that want to serve customers with fantastic designs. We, (Cinnamon Miles and the Liberty Jane Team), publish our patterns via the system we've created. In other words, "we eat our own cooking". Offering interesting and original designs is our passion and having a site that facilitates that goal is critical to our success. 

Sales Results: There are lots of ways to publish a digital pattern online, but it's hard to make it a profitable business. We've had over 700,000 patterns downloaded since we started. Our sales results are a combination of several key marketing factors that we have pioneered and are working to perfect. If accepted, we can guarantee you'll sell patterns. You'll benefit from our intensive marketing efforts.

Generous Royalty Rates: We offer up to a 70% royalty rate for pattern publishers.

Exclusive or Non-Exclusive Options: We offer a wide range of benefits for designers if they choose to publish exclusively with us, but we also have a non-exclusive option for designers who want to list their patterns with us as well as on other sites.

Professional Help. Our team has a long list of professional accomplishments including: Thirteen years as a Senior Designer at Nordstrom, bestselling books, a brand ambassadorship for Bernina and many years in the industry. Two of our employees even teach at a University level, (in Fashion & Marketing). But our greatest accomplishment is watching new designers succeed. We offer a private forum for publishers where we share sales results as well as guidance and support.

The Testers Community: We facilitate a testers group that works directly with the designer to ensure patterns are fantastic. This service enables you to focus on designing and allows a small group of expert seamstresses to give you feedback on your pattern before it is published.

The Make-Sell-Grow Community: We have a growing community of thousands sew-from-home seamstresses that use Pixie Faire patterns as the basis of their sewing businesses. We work to support and assist them as they strive to build a business using Pixie Faire patterns. They are a fantastic B2B customer base in support of the Pixie Faire designer community.

We Enjoy The Stuff You Probably Hate. Do websites, shopping carts, EU VAT, customer service inquiries and technical issues drive you crazy? We are passionate about doing the technical stuff, so you can do what you love - design. If you try to launch your own pattern business you'll quickly find that lots of time is spent on technical issues. 

If you think Pixie Faire might be right for you, simply email for more information. 

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