I need to update my account information.

While logged in to your Pixie Faire account, on your account details page, you can update your information by clicking on the blue "Edit Your Account" button. You can edit your first and last name, edit your email address, and can reset your password there. You will click on the "Save Account Details" button to save the edited information. 

You can edit your mailing address by clicking on the blue "View Addresses" button. To add a new address, you will click on the "Add New Address" button. You can add your new address there by filling in the boxes. Please check the "Set as Default Address?" box at the end of the form to set the new address as your default mailing address. 

You can edit or delete existing mailing address shown on your account by clicking the blue "edit" or "delete" buttons next to the address. 

If you are having any trouble updating your account information, please contact customer support at support@pixiefaire.com. 

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